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  • vazoresekce
  • frenuloplastiky
  • excision of skin lesion on the genitals
  • and more

Treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

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Profile Uro-Clinic

URO-CLINIC is a private centre providing comprehensive services in the field of Urology and Andrology. Our priority is high quality of service, maximum comfort for clients and minimizing the time spent in a medical facility. Clients are guaranteed their appointment times, and the number of follow-up exams is reduced to the minimum necessary. We are not contractually bound by any health insurance company, thus being able to concentrate on the quality of our patients' care rather than quantity. Our clients are informed of laboratory tests results by phone or e-mail without the need for further visits. We consider keeping our clients fully informed a basis for effective mutual cooperation. Regardless of current regulations, our clients are entitled at any time to inspect their medical records and ask for a complete copy of the records, including digital imaging examinations. Such documentation will be disclosed to them upon request in a digital form of their choice of medium. We provide all services in outpatient urology and andrology. We also offer the possibility of "one-day urology" - surgical procedures that do not require hospitalization. We provide outpatient removal of small lesions of the genitals - warts, plastic surgery of short frenula, and foreskin removal. For all surgical interventions we use the principle of single-use devices to ensure maximum safety for our clients. We provide complete outpatient Endoscopic examinations of the lower urinary tract for men and women. Because we use a flexible cystoscope of the newest generation, this test is quick and pain-free. At the same time, URO-CLINIC provides all andrological services to REPROFIT, a centre for assisted reproduction, and a top establishment of its kind with an international clientele. The new URO-CLINIC is air-conditioned, has a comfortable reception area, and meets the highest standards of modern medical facilities. Most clients will appreciate the ample parking spaces at the clinic. Our goal is the greatest possible patient satisfaction, and we believe we can provide this at our new office. WE SPEAK ENGLISH

Martin Drábek

head doctor / chief of practice
Martin Drábek

Head doctor and chief of practice is Martin Drabek, M.D. He graduated from the Masaryk University Medical Faculty in 1993, worked as a urologist at the hospital in Trebic, and from 1997 at the St. Anna Teaching Hospital in Brno, where he became a head doctor in 2000. In 2005 Dr. Drabek transferred to the hospital in Jihlava, where he served as Head of the Department of Urology. He has been working at Blansko Hospital since 2019. A graduate of the European School of Urology (1998), he has worked for the Institute Mutualist Montsouris in Paris, France. Dr. Drabek is co-author of 64 publications and lectures, including foreign ones. A board-certified (both I and II Degree of the examination), fully-licensed urologist, Dr.Drabek holds a Medical Chamber license to conduct an independent urological practice, as well as licenses to function as a professional chief of practice and to perform the duties of the department head physician.

Services to clients

We provide full urology and andrology outpatient services -- from consultations through complete urological examinations and follow-up care, to diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and androgen deficiency syndrome in men.

One of the most important programs of the URO-Oncology CLINIC is preventive care. According to figures from the National Oncological Registry, kidney cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer show the highest annual increase in cases. Fortunately, modern urology can successfully treat all of these tumors, if detected in time. This is the target for urological preventive examinations. Investigation is carried out once a year, and includes clinical examination, urine, blood and ultrasound tests (even for men) to detect the presence of prostatic specific antigens. A complete oncological screening takes about 30 minutes and is done during one visit. Take 30 minutes a year for your health! We provide complete services for clients with malignant diseases. We offer continuous monitoring and treatment of cancers, as well as consultation for clients treated in other settings. If surgical interventions are necessary, we provide care to our clients in health care facilities ranked at the top in the field in our country. Uro-oncology is truly one of the most important programs of URO-CLINIC, and we offer our clients with this disease special care, including providing them thorough and complete information. We explain in detail the possibilities for treatment and their expected outcomes. We don't rely on generalized statistics for determining a prognosis, but rather use statistics derived from our department and the outcomes of our own clients. In the event that a client chooses to be treated at another facility, we strive to determine data from that venue. While this method of care requires extra time devoted to a client, we decided that it is time well spent to help insure their wellbeing.

Prostate disease, unfortunately, is still surrounded by many myths and misleading information. The fact is that modern urology has shown that the vast majority of prostate diseases can be treated conservatively and without surgery. However, if a surgical solution is required, we are able to provide treatment with a minimum period of hospitalization. As the first such clinic in the Czech Republic, we started with the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia by radiofrequency thermotherapy using Tempro, an outpatient treatment not requiring anesthesia. Currently, we have treated over 90 clients using this method, including foreign clients. This method of treatment for chronic prostatitis seems very promising, with a success rate around 66%, as compared to usual rates for conservative treatment of around 10%.

For clients with urinary stones we also provide specialized consultation and facilities for complete metabolic testing for Endocrinology. We recommend the most appropriate treatment for urinary stones and, if necessary, provide the finest care in a medical facility with the best treatment outcomes in our region.

Erectile dysfunction is the name given to a complex of disorders that cause the deterioration of erections in men. The examination of causes and treatment of these disorders requires an individual approach, with sufficient time to create a good physician-client relationship. In our work with our clients we provide that time, as well as absolute discretion. There is no need to resign oneself to this condition, when often just a little help is needed to restore physical and psychological well-being. Remember also that erectile dysfunction is often the first sign of serious systemic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. Early diagnosis and proper treatment of these serious diseases is necessary to ensure a high quality of life for older patients. We provide our clients with comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services.

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Our practice is equipped with cutting-edge, contemporary instruments. Available ultrasonic devices are connected to a new generation computer archive, allowing almost unlimited video documentation. For perfect and painless examination of the urinary bladder and urethra we employ flexible cystoscopes. For the safety of our clients, all materials used in operational steps are exclusively for single use. Our operating room equipment corresponds to the latest requirements. Our medical facilities also feature the modern device Tempro, currently used for Radio Frequency Thermotherapy of the prostate. This contemporary method is suitable for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and more recently appears to be very promising in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.


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Medical house Hlinky Address: Hlinky 122 (part of medical house Hlinky, 1st floor). Our office is located in downtown Brno, easily accessible by both car and public transportation (tram line#1, second stop past Mendlovo namesti, across from the BVV Trade Fair complex). The facility is wheelchair accessible. Free parking is available across the street.